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Copay Plans
    • Prescription Drug Coverage: Included.
    • Copay similar to what employers offer.
    • Benefit-rich plans.
    • 3 Different Plans Available.

100% after deductible plans
    • Prescription Drug Coverage: Available on Selected Plans
    • Pays 100% for covered in-network services after deductible is passed.
    • Widest choice of deductible options.
    • 3 Different Plans Available

Health Savings Account Plans
    • Prescription Drug Coverage: Available on select plans.
    • Lower cost plan.
    • Ability to put tax-free money in HSA. Varies by state.
    • There’s a limit to how much you can put into HSA every year.
    • 2 different plans available.

  • Short Term Medical Plans
    • Prescription Drug Coverage: Included
    • Affordable coverage for no more than 12 months.
    • Plans aren’t renewable.
    • Don’t cover pre-existing conditions.
    • 2 different plans available.

  • Our affordable Humana plansoffer the widest scope of coverage at the lowest prices in the business.Are you currently shopping for health insurance? Then you probably have to take a few different factors in consideration before deciding on a health insurance provider. Cost plays an important role for many families. These days, every penny counts. This axiom is even more true in a recession. Families have to cut corners wherever they can in order to make ends meet. Low income and working class families have to make impossible choices when evaluating their monthly expenses. First on their list has to be providing food, shelter, and clothing for their loved ones. These immediate concerns take precedence over all other expense, including sometimes health insurance costs. At affordable Humana plans, we want to make sure this happens as infrequently as possible. We want every American to afford adequate health insurance for themselves and their families. Cost shouldn’t be a prohibitive factor in getting adequate health care. That’s why there are a number of Humana plans that are designed to fit every budget. There are affordable Humana plans that have incredibly low copayments and deductibles, making it easy for low income and working class families to stay covered. There are also many Humana plans that have higher costs , but offer a wider net of coverage.

    We provide affordable Humana plans.

    Another factor that plays an important role in deciding what type of insurance to get and from whom is the scope of coverage the plan provides. Many insurance companies severely limit the extent of coverage that their plans offer. But Human strives to be a guiding light in the insurance industry, and wants to break away from this trend. Therefore, even the most bare bones Humana plans have sufficient coverage to make sure your family gets basic medical treatments. Affordable Humana plans wants to ensure that everyone who pays for health insurance sees some kind of return. Many companies just cash their customers checks and deny claims out of spite. Affordable Humana plans were designed to fight this sort of injustice in the world of health insurance. Humana plans are made to given even the poorest customer some semblance of health insurance coverage. In this way, we are doing our part to help low income and working class families take care of themselves. We believe there is no greater calling in life, and we consider it an honor to serve our customers. That’s why we made our affordable Humana plans so attractive to individuals of all income levels.

    Our higher priced affordable Humana plans also have a wider base of covered treatment than similar plans at other, competing insurance plans. We believe that if you are shelling out a lot of money each month, you should be entitled to the best health care available. Other insurance companies dress up their basic plans with fancy names and vague adjectives to describe their coverage, and try to sell these to their unsuspecting customers at unreasonably high prices. Humana plans are different, because you get what deserve, which is the best health care coverage available on the market. The extra costs guarantee this end.

    Summary: Our affordable Humana plans offer high quality health care coverage at affordable prices.

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